Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Princess and Her Panther by Wendy Orr

The core character trait for September is courage/bravery.  The Princess and Her Panther by Wendy Orr is a quick, imaginative picture book about two sisters who brave the night camping out in their back yard.  I originally checked out this book from the public library because I have a student who is always looking for “princess” books, but this book is also an excellent example of bravery.  The princess (the older sister) is brave and her panther (the little sister) tries to be.  Brilliant illustrations pull the reader into the girls’ adventure.  Their red tent becomes a royal shelter, the lake is their wading pool and the sandbox is a desert. While the princess is brave, the little panther finds nightfall scary.  Not only is the timidness of the panther shown in the rich illustrations, but also in the refrain “The princess was brave and the panther tried to be.”  As the night goes on the girls are confronted by one scare after another, but instead of retreating to the house the girls stand up to their fears.  Not only is the princess brave but so is her panther.

This is a great book for young girls who love princess stories and for parents who want to encourage young children to be brave.

Mrs. Archer’s rating: 5 of 5

Do you have a favorite princess story?

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  1. Kara (4) is "into" princesses in a big way now. I'll have to get this one for her.