Thursday, September 2, 2010

Clementine by Sarah Pennypacker

Clementine is a precocious third-grader with good intentions that often land her in trouble. She is eager to help her family and friends, but her creative solutions often cause problems. In the first book she fixes her best friend's hair by cutting it all off and then using her mother's special paint pens to draw on curls; she helps out the principal by answering her phone; and pays attention in class by watching the janitor embrace the lunch lady. Clementine is somewhat reminiscent of Junie B. Jones and Judy Moody. However, parents will find themselves much more comfortable with Clementine than Junie B. Clementine's predicaments, though humorous, seem to be more realistic than those experienced by Junie B. I've heard many educators and parents complain about Junie B.'s atrocious manner of speaking. This is not a problem with Clementine.

In the newest installment, Clementine's best friend, Margaret causes Clementine to worry that her classmates won't find enough good things to write about her in her "Friend of the Week" booklet. Hoping to give them plenty of good things to say Clementine devises a campaign to win the kids over. Of course this campaign has unforeseen (at least by Clementine) consequences. To complicate things even more, her beloved kitten, Moisturizer, vanishes, and Clementine must face the possibility he is lost forever. This just might be my favorite of the Clementine books. We see a side of Margaret that we haven't seen before. Clementine, as always, tugs at the reader's heart strings. I recommend this series for second grade (read aloud) and up.

Titles in the series:


The Talented Clementine

Clementine's Letter

Clementine: Friend of the Week

Mrs. Archer's Rating 5 of 5!


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