Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Aurora County All Stars

Each time the students visit the library I try to give them a quick book talk about one of the books they can find in our library. There are so many books and just not enough time to introduce them all to students. A few weeks ago I told the students about one of my favorite authors: Deborah Wiles. She is a wonderful southern writer that I have had the honor to meet on two separate occasions. It's a real treat to listen to her talk about how she gets ideas for her books and the routines she follows when writing.

I told the Chinook Tigers about Aurora County All Stars which is a wonderful book. It's about baseball, about finding yourself, about finding friends you didn't know you had, and it's about including everyone. It's a book with a message, but it doesn't hit the reader over the head with it. I believe children will enjoy it, but I'm not sure they will understand the Walt Whitman references. The true baseball fans will love the quotes from famous players. Another reason I enjoyed this book, is one of my favorite characters from a previous Wiles book (Ruby Lavendar) plays an important role in the story. Mrs. Wiles has a new book just released this May about growing up in the 60s. Countdown is next on my to read list.

Other books by Deborah Wiles:

Love Ruby Lavender (available at Pikes Peak Library)

Each Little Bird That Sings (available at Pikes Peak Library)

Mrs. Archer's rating for Aurora County All Stars – 5 of 5.


What are you reading?

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