Friday, September 3, 2010

Flat Stanley

Flat Stanley first appeared on the scene in 1964. Since that time he has surely circled world numerous times. Who would have thought a little paper guy would be so popular with students and teachers alike?


Flat Stanley was created by Fred Brown. The adventures involve Stanley Lambchop and his brother Arthur. In the first book, Stanley is flattened when a bulletin board falls on him during the night while he sleeps. Surprisingly he survives and has numerous adventure including sliding under doors, being flown as a kite, catching art thieves and traveling to California via air mail. Stanley's trip to California sparked what is known as the Flat Stanley project. Educators often use Stanley to help students learn about geography, different cultures and letter writing. Students create their own Flat Stanley, mail him to a friend or relative who then take Stanley on various adventures. Stanley is sent home with a write up and photos of his visit.

Chinook Trail first graders will be participating in the Flat Stanley project this year. Photos of his adventures will be posted in the library. Library Stanley will take a yearlong adventure visiting various parts of the world. His adventures will also be posted in the library. If you know of someone who would like to host Library Stanley be sure to let Mrs. Archer know. Check back periodically for Library Stanley updates.


Books in the series include:

Flat Stanley

Stanley In Space

Stanley and the Magic Lamp

Invisible Stanley

Stanley's Christmas Adventure

Stanley Flat Again

Stanley's adventures continue in the new series: The World Wide Adventures of Stanley:

The Mount Rushmore Calamity

The Great Egyptian Grave Robbery

The Japanese Ninja Surprise

The Intrepid Canadian Expedition

The Amazing Mexican Secret

The African Safari (December 2010).



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