2nd Grade Summer Reading List

Mrs. Archer’s Recommended 2011 Summer Reading
2nd Grade
(This list is a combination of books that fall under incoming and outgoing 2nd Grade Reading Levels and 2nd Grade Interests.)

Fiction – Chapter Books
Adler, David A.                       Any book in the Cam Jansen series. 

Cronin, Doreen                        The Trouble With Chickens

Danziger, Paula                        Amber Brown series

Gifford, Peggy                         Moxy Maxwell Does Not Love Stuart Little

Grindley, Sally                         Dear Max
Kline, Suzy                             Horrible Harry series

McDonald, Megan                 Judy Moody series.  
McMullan, Kate                    Dragonslayer’s Academy series.

Osborne, Mary Pope             The Magic Tree House series including the research companion guides.

Roy, Ron                              A to Z Mysteries
       Calendar Mysteries  
       Capital Mysteries

Picture Books
Cronin, Doreen                        Diary of a Worm

Lester, Helen               Any book in the Tacky the Penguin series

McCloskey, Robert      Blueberries for Sal    
                                    Make Way For Ducklings

O’Connor, Jane                       Any of the Fancy Nancy books

Thomson, Bill              Chalk


Inches, Alison              The Adventures of a Plastic Bottle:  A Story About Recycling

Ruurs, Margriet            My Librarian is a Camel: How Books Are Brought to Children Around           the  World

Pebble Books
Pebble Books is a series of non-fiction books on a variety of topics: animals, holidays, birds, and plants to name a few.  They provide true facts and information in a format that easy for young readers to locate and understand.

Rookie Reader Biographies are an excellent way to introduce children to famous people.