Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Stink and the Ultimate Thumb Wrestling Smackdown by Megan McDonald

Stink and the Ultimate Thumb Wrestling Smackdown by Megan McDonald

SUMMARY:  Stink needs a sport, fast! Can his alter-ego, Shark Hammersmash, wrestle a win at thumb wars? Or will a perfect karate kick lead him to victory?

Stink Moody, family brain, brings home a report card that isn’t perfect? Yikes! Time for him to get into fighting shape and beat back that U for Unsatisfactory in gym! A scan of the sports channel leads to a knock-out find: world-class thumb wrestling, with tricky moves like Snake in the Grass and Santa’s Little Helper (no equipment needed, save for a tiny terrifying mask to sit on your thumb). But when Mom and Dad are not wowed, Stink gets another idea: he’ll kick and punch his way to a yellow belt with the help of a Dragon Master, a seeing-eye Moose, and a mind as still as a pond. Can you say Crouching Tiger, Hidden Thumb? Hee-ya! Ha! Ha! Ha! 

Stink is dismayed when he gets an UNSATISFACTORY in Gym.  So begins a humorous adventure to find a sport at which he can excel. He really wants to be a championship thumb wrestler, but finds it more difficult than he imagined. Soon Stink discovers karate and not only punches and kicks his way to his first belt, but finds that karate can help him with his thumb wrestling as well.

Fans of Stink and his sister Judy Moody will enjoy this latest addition to his adventures. This is also a great read aloud and wonderful way to hook some reluctant readers.

Recommended for Second Grade and up.

Mrs. Archer's Rating: 5 of 5!

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