Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Max's Words by Kate Banks

Summary:  Max's brothers have grand collections that everyone makes a big fuss over. Benjamin collects stamps and Karl collects coins, and neither one will share with their little brother. So Max decides to start a collection of his own. He's going to collect words. He starts with small words that he cuts out of newspapers and magazines, but soon his collection has spilled out into the hall. All the while, his brothers are watching. Benjamin brags that he has one thousand stamps. Karl is just a few coins short of five hundred. But a thousand stamps is really just a bunch of stamps, and a lot of coins is only a heap of money. A pile of words, however, can make a story.

Bright, bold pictures incorporating clever wordplay accompany this highly original tale about a younger brother's ingenuity. 

This book would work very well as a read aloud and to use in connection with a vocabulary lesson or writing sentences. (It would work well with a lesson on sharing, too.) 

Students will enjoy hearing the story read aloud and may even be inspired to create their own word collections. Kulikov's excellent illustrations are designed around the stories that Max creates with his word collection. This will allow young readers to find clues to help them with the harder words.

In addition to showing how to create sentences using a variety of words, the story also illustrates the value of working together. In the beginning Max's brothers refuse to share their collections with him, but once they see how cool his word collection is that want words, too.  Max agrees to share, if they share.

This is a good edition to any elementary classroom or school library.

Recommended for Pre-school to 3rd Grade

Mrs. Archer's Rating: 5 of 5! 

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