Sunday, January 23, 2011

Little Rabbit's New Baby by Harry Horse

Product Description
Mama is expecting a baby and Little Rabbit is going to be a big brother!

He s full of plans; he will teach the baby to play all sorts of games and be the best big brother ever. And when Mama has triplets, it looks like there will be three times the fun.

But having babies around might not be as much fun as Little Rabbit thought. They sleep and cry a lot. They are too young to throw a ball and they get their sticky paws on all his toys. They take up all of Mama s and Papa s time. It s not fair! cries Little Rabbit.

As it turns out, the new babies adore Little Rabbit. And one night when a tired Mama and Papa are at their wit s end, Little Rabbit comes to the rescue, consoling his siblings and rocking them to sleep. Now Little Rabbit understands what an important job it is to be a big brother.

I have challenged myself to become more familiar with the books on the shelves in the Chinook Trail Elementary library (The Tiger Den).  My goal is to read at least three pictures books from the shelves each week.  Friday’s random pull was Little Rabbit’s New Baby by Harry Horse.

This is a delightful story about what it means to be the older sibling. Horse takes us through Little Rabbit anxiously awaiting the birth of his new sibling (turns out to be three new siblings), wanting to play with them right away, being annoyed that they get all the attention and finally learning just how important it is to be “the big brother.”  Horse is also the illustrator. His beautiful pictures will delight young readers.  If you know of a young child expecting an addition to their family, this is a perfect gift.

Recommended for Pre-K to 2nd Grade.

Mrs. Archer’s rating: 5 of 5!

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