Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Mr. Tony is Full of Baloney by Dan Gutman

Amazon Product Description
“The weirdness never stops!
Oh no! A.J.’s mom just got a job, so he has to go to After School Kids’ Kare. And Mr. Tony, the guy who runs it, is crazy. He wants to get into the Guinness Book of World Records by making the world’s largest pizza! Will A.J. and the gang be able to tunnel out of the child-care room and escape to freedom? Run for your lives! “

Children will love this book. It’s goofy and full of typical kid humor. The kids are all smarter than adults.  And if I were a kid I probably would have loved it, too.  I personally didn’t like the book. It’s not my kind of humor. But, it was not written for me. Dan Gutman is writing for kids and he knows his target audience well.  It’s not the best of Gutman’s work. I much prefer The Homework Machine, Nightmare at the Book Fair and Return of the Homework Machine.  While, I will probably not read any other books in this series (to be honest the only reason I checked this one out from the library is because Mr. Archer’s first name is Tony), I would not hesitate to recommend it to young readers who are searching for a quick and funny read.

Recommended for 3rd Grade and up.

Mrs. Archer’s rating: 3 of 5

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