Thursday, October 21, 2010

Touch Blue by Cynthia Lord

Eleven year old islander Tess Brooks believes in luck and rituals.  When the islanders are faced with the possible closure of their school due to the dwindling number of students, Tess relies heavily on wishes and superstitions as she fears her family may be forced to move to the mainland.  The islanders make a last ditch effort to save the school by asking some island families to take in foster children.  Tess’ family agrees and 13-year old Aaron moves in with Tess and her family.  It’s not a quick and easy fix. Aaron is not happy on the island and wants very much to go back to the mother who abandoned him.  While most of the islanders welcome the new children, some do their best to make Aaron feel unwelcome. Tess does not give up hope (or wishing) as she struggles to find a plan to make Aaron happy and feel a member of the family.  Each chapter opens with a luck related quote relevant to the story.  This is a feel good story full of hope, with the message that sometimes to be lucky you just have to believe.  Fans of Lord’s Rules will find this book different but enjoyable.

Recommended for ages 9 -12

Mrs. Archer’s rating: 5 of 5

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