Monday, October 11, 2010

Kindergarten Diary by Antoinette Portis

The reader gets to spend a month with Annalina, a young girl who does NOT want to go to Kindergarten. She only likes Pre-school.  What makes this book different many other books about the anxiety of starting school is that the author doesn’t spend a great deal of time focusing on Annalina’s fears. This can often give young readers things to fear that they had not thought of before.  Rather, the author focuses on the day to day activities in Kindergarten.  As Annalina learns that the teacher isn’t scary, that Kindergarteners have their own playground, that sharing can be fun and that nice things happen every day, the reader has moved with Annalina from being apprehensive about Kindergarten to liking Kindergarten and even looking forward to First Grade.   The background for each page resembles the paper children use to practice their first writing white with widely spaced, light blue straight and dotted lines. Realistic and kid friendly patterned collages are combined with simple paintings/drawings to create delightful colorful illustrations full of shape, color and texture.  This is an excellent book for children (and parents) just starting Kindergarten. I wish I had found this gem at the beginning of the school year.

Reading level  ages  4 to 8. (Preschool – K)

Mrs. Archer’s Rating:  5 of 5.


  1. Now you've given me an idea for a book for Kara who will be in kindergarten next year!

  2. I really liked this book. I'm putting it on the wish list for the library.