Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Pirates Guide To First Grade by James Preller

Synopsis:  Arr! It’s the first day of first grade, and it’s all hands on deck for a young pirate and his crew. How much trouble can they get into? What will they do at recess? And, most important, what treasure awaits them at school?

Though the illustrations are beautifully done and children are sure to enjoy the contrast between what the pirates are doing and what the boy and his classmates are doing, I’m not convinced this book is a success for its targeted audience.  The text is rather challenging for K-2nd and may require some interpretation from adults so that the young reader can successfully follow the story.  However, it would be a great read aloud for Talk like a Pirate Day.
Though the targeted audience is K-2nd (specifically 1st grade), my recommendation would be for 4th grade and up.

Mrs. Archer’s rating: 3 of 5.

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