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The Piper Reed Series by Kimberly Hold

Readers who enjoy Judy Moody, Clementine, and Ramona will enjoy reading about Piper Reed's adventures. These books will have special appeal to military children, whether they be Navy, Army, Marine or Air Force "brats."

Each book is lively with humor that will appeal to both children and adults. Piper does learn a lesson in each of the books, but the stories never have the feel of a lecture.  And Piper still manages to be her own true self without becoming a "better child."  (I recently watched an interview with Beverly Cleary who stated that she created Ramona to be real and not a moral tale about children who always learn their lesson and become "better children."  I think Beverly Cleary would like Piper Reed - and who knows, Piper and Ramona might even make good friends.)

 Piper Reed Navy Brat

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It’s not easy being the middle child, especially when your dad is a Navy Chief. Meet Piper Reed, a spunky nine-year-old who has moved more times than she can count on one hand. From Texas to Guam, wherever Piper goes, adventure follows, inspired by her active imagination, free-wheeling spirit, and a bit of sister magic. Unlike her older sister, Piper loves being part of a Navy family, and unlike her little sister, Piper is no prodigy genius. Piper is Piper—fearless and full of life.
Based on her own childhood experience, Kimberly Willis Holt portrays the life of a Navy family with warmth and humor.

This is the first book I read about Piper. I'm proud to say that I met Kimberly Holt at the Texas Book Festival a few years back and she graciously signed my copy of Piper Reed Navy Brat.

Piper Reed The Great Gypsy (later released as Piper Reed, Clubhouse Queen.
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The Gypsy Club Creed
We are the Gypsies of land and sea.
We move from port to port.
We make friends wherever we go.
And everywhere we go, we let people know
That we’re the Gypsies of land and sea.
Piper’s dad—the Navy Chief—might be gone again, but Piper’s got plenty to keep her busy at home: new neighbors, a spaceship beach house, a trip to New Orleans, and most important, the upcoming Gypsy Club pet show. Piper is determined to win, but teaching her dog Bruna tricks seems nearly impossible. Bruna is simply un-teachable! Or is she? Join Piper as she embarks on new and exciting adventures!

 Piper Reed: Clubhouse Queen (previously published as Piper Reed Gets a Job)

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Piper Reed and her fellow Gypsy Club members are in need of a clubhouse. Raising money to buy one proves a challenge. Piper, being the resourceful fifth grader that she is, launches her own party-planning business and gets her first job throwing young Brady’s birthday celebration. But things don’t go as expected on the day of the big event. Fortunately for Piper, her friends and family come to her rescue!

Piper Reed: Campfire Girl

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Piper and her family are going camping—nothing could be better. But when Piper finds out that the camping trip is on Halloween, nothing could be worse! Still, catching fish, roasting marshmallows, and sleeping in a trailer are right up Piper’s alley, even if getting poison ivy is not. Get ready for another terrific adventure starring the ever-spunky, ever-loving Piper Reed.

Piper Reed: Rodeo Star

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Piper’s parents are going on vacation to France and not taking the whole family. What rotten luck! Still, Piper always looks on the bright side. The Reed sisters will be visiting their two sets of grandparents in Piney Woods, and Piper is determined to have four adventures. By working in a grocery store, listening to Tori’s scary stories, and lassoing a calf, Piper almost reaches her quota. But sometimes the best adventures are the most unexpected ones.

This series is great for classroom (or family) read alouds. It's must have for school or classroom libraries that serve military children.  Non-military children will enjoy the series as well.

Recommended for Ages 9 and up.

Mrs. Archer's Rating: 5 of 5. 

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